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Rebecca Price, a researcher with TU Delft recently presented PASSME at the EU Travel Conference- The Future of Multimodal Travel. It was a single day conference bringing together an array of start-ups, universities, established industry players and IT enterprises to tackle the issue of transport modality in the EU.

Rebecca presented PASSME in the context of “Designing the multi-modal hub of the future”. Rebecca focused on collaboration between PASSME partners KLM and TU Delft students in designing solutions for seamless and more enjoyable air travel. Some of the projects currently underway include passenger journey mapping, baggage reclaim, boarding gates and hand baggage. PASSME was very well received, with a lot of interest in our industry-driven research approach, as well as in the PASSME passenger-centric philosophy.

Rebecca highlighted some presentations she found interesting and were particularly relevant to PASSME. David Cassidy of Travelport presented on “Door to Door baggage systems”. This is particularly relevant to PASSME’s work in developing an Origin to Destination baggage system.

Given the design focus of PASSME, Rebecca also found “Enabling collaboration and development of an action plan of EU mobility via design thinking” by Dr. Beate Müller of VDI/VDE particularly interesting. As an outcome of the conference, PASSME is now in contact with other EU H2020 programs within the transport sector, and developing ways to better integrate both our approach and our findings.

It was a very valuable exercise, given that transport for passengers who fly usually involves many different forms of transport in the overall journey.
PASSME should allow those working in the future of multimodal travel in the EU to leverage our findings and better connect public transport to airports.

You can view Rebecca’s presentation here.

More information on the EU Travel Conference can be found here.



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